Being a college student, choosing the best waterproof backpack for college is one of the most challenging tasks before preparing for the college. But with this review, it should not be that much tough for you to find the best waterproof college backpack.


Most of the college students used to rely on the backpacks to safe guard their books, laptop and other necessary materials.

So it is necessary to have the best college backpack which is something special with the several racks, waterproof resistant, light weight measure and professional cool outlook appearance.

Before picking a backpack for college, you should consider the backpack’s design, weather quality and also check whether the backpack is for laptop only or else for multi usage.

For all these confusions, I have listed below some of the best and top rated waterproof backpacks for college.

Inexpensive Waterproof College Backpack

inexpensive backpack

Best Waterproof College Backpack

best college backpack

Mid Range Waterproof College Backpack

mid range college backpack

Top 10 Best Waterproof College Backpacks Chosen by ChooseBackPacks.Com

DoSmart Waterproof College School Laptop Outdoor Travel Backpack


With this DoSmart waterproof college backpack, you can able to store all your daily necessity items perfectly. It is specially vented with the large spacious 5D lined laptop sleeve to hold the 15 inch laptop.dosmart-waterproof-college-school-laptop-outdoor-travel-backpack

It is versatile and best suited for all schools, colleges, hiking, travelling, camping, climbing and other outdoor activities. This waterproof backpack is specially designed with high grade quality of nylon fabric plus polyester lined materials.

You can able to make some adjustment with the length of the shoulder straps for convenient carrying facility. Its large capacity design allows you to store bulk of items with its numerous compartments.

This fashionable multi color optioned waterproof backpack comes out with several different colors to satisfy and meet the user desires. It’s plenty capacity design includes accurate pockets and compartments to use this backpack systematically.

It is one of the best choices for every college students to hold their water bottle, umbrella and other small accessories onto its both side of the breathable mesh shoulder straps. Its water bottle holding sessions allow to user to remains in a hydrated state.

Key Features

  • 5D lined laptop sleeve
  • fashionable multicolor option


  • water bottle holder
  • large capacity design


  • no optional waist straps.

5D Lined Laptop Sleeve, Multicolor Option, Plenty Capacity Design

This multicolor optioned waterproof backpack comes out with different colors based on the user desire. It’s plenty capacity design is made through the 5D lined laptop sleeve to safely fit your laptop onto its space.

Enknight Big Waterproof College Backpack


If you want a fantastic waterproof college backpack, Enknight waterproof school college backpack is a smart option to make your purchase. Its great affordable quality enables as a preferable and recommended choice for most of the people.enknight-big-waterproof-college-backpack

With this Enknight waterproof college backpack, you can able to carry all your needed accessories with complete safe and comfort. It usually provides great features equivalent to its good value for affording. Its shoulder straps are implemented to make some adjustment with the length and perfect fitness level.

Not only it offers several beneficial feature implementations, it also provides high guaranteed performance activities with long lasting lifetime. This light weight waterproof backpack helps you to withstand against heavy water exposure and easy carrying facility.

Its durability and handy features tends to amaze the user with lots of big compartment which is a perfect suit for day trips, travelling, school, college, camping and other outdoor activities. This durable safe backpack is made up of high quality waterproof and tear resistant materials to safeguard your stuffed items.

The high grade abrasion resistant SBS material is implemented with the metal zipper and special silicon padded shoulder straps of super friction controlling and wears protection. Its comfort two ways zipper compatibility and five zipper compartments offers a rich experience.

Key Features

  • fantastic waterproof 
  • great affordability


  • complete safe
  • easy carrying facility


  • limited color options.

High Grade Abrasion Resistant SBS Material, Two Ways Zipper Compatibility

This two ways zipper compatible backpack is made through the high grade material of abrasion resistant SBS material to withstand with long lasting effect.

Bag Wizard Vintage Travel School College Laptop Book Backpack


This college backpack is specially designed with high quality material to drain out all stress points. It is highly durable with its reinforced stitching quality. This creative backpack designed with the substantial oxford polyester canvas of special two tones weaving to avoid easy wear and tear outs.bag-wizard-vintage-travel-school-college-laptop-book-backpack

Not only it is classical, but also it is fashionable with excellent vintage effect. This well suits for the college and school students to safely carry out their laptop and other required accessories. It constitutes the ability to hold the bulky products without damaging, breaking or tearing.

Its base and back side panel is strongly lined with the durable sturdy 900 denier polyester oxford canvas to withstand against heavy water exposure and other weather activities. This also includes 8 zipper sections to add strength and security for your stuffed accessories.

The fine weaving of easy breathable foam mesh is implemented underneath the shoulder straps to with hold the 14 inch laptop. It maintains a full comfort convenience for the college and school students to breathe freely during the full loaded stuffs.

It helps to avoid potential scaring with the construction of strike protection activity. The lash point as well as its zipper puller is made up of synthetic material with high durability for professional outdoor gears. It comes out with large storage capacity rooms, huge height of front pocket, two exterior pockets and two interior pockets.

Key Features

  • 8 zipper sections
  • strike protection activity


  • avoid potential scaring
  • durable construction


  • limited roomy compart-ments.

Substantial Oxford Polyester Canvas Material, Strike Protection Activity

This waterproof backpack is specially designed with the substantial oxford polyester canvas material of high grade quality to implement the strike protection activity.

ProEtrade Waterproof College School Laptop Backpack


With this ProEtrade waterproof college backpack, you can able to safeguard you valuable college and school accessories. It is specially designed with 19 percent nylon fabric material with 81 percent of polyester lining to withstand against heavy exposure of water.proetrade-waterproof-college-school-laptop-backpack-for-outdoor-travel

Its polyester lined laptop sleeve enables you to hold the 15 inch laptop perfect onto its space. This waterproof backpack is well suited for all college, school, hiking, camping, travelling and other outdoor activities.

The mesh shoulder straps of adjusting type are implemented in this waterproof backpack for comfortable and easy breathable condition. Its large capacity design provides you an enough storage space to store all your accessories.

This backpack is specially equipped with the high grade waterproof material and high durability to withstand against worst weather conditions. It usually comes out with several colors to meet the user’s desire.

Key Features

  • nylon fabric material
  • polyester lining


  • prevent wet
  • Durable


  • interior wear outs.

High Grade Waterproof Material, Easy Breathable Shoulder Straps

This backpack is specially designed with the high grade waterproof materials of nylon fabric, polyester lining and easy breathable shoulder straps for user convenience.

Hotstyle 936 plus Waterproof College Backpack with 15 inch Laptop Fit


This durable 600 denier waterproof college backpack is featuring a YKK zippers of tight enclosure to safeguard the interior stuffed items. It is specially manufactured with the rugged type of anti slip faux leather bottom for stabilizing the bag to free stand on the ground.hotstyle-936-plus-waterproof-college-backpack-with-15-inch-laptop-fit

Its padded back panel ensures you to fell the cushioning comfort while carrying this waterproof backpack. This ergonomic design of padded shoulder straps with adjusting facility helps you to keep the pressure in an off state. Its high versatility offers a personalized stylish outlook which is more ideal to keep all your college accessories.

You able to gain the quick grabbing and go mobility option with the implementation of top grab handle facility. Not only it includes several compartments, it also designed with the additional integrated storage packet for storing the 10 inch iPod, tablet etc.

The front wide zipper pocket is convenient enough for stashing storage. It is mainly build up with the soft padding laptop sleeve to perfectly fit the laptop onto its space. This lightweight comfortable backpack is well popularized for its easy carrying ability.

Its sturdy waterproof construction enables you to protect the bag from dirt and heavy water exposure. This 12.5 inch roomy roomy width of waterproof backpack is spacious and it also includes large main racks to hold the needed college accessories.

This waterproof college backpack is highly equipped with seven organizational main compartment packets for storing the pens, wallet, mobile phone, charger, iPod and handy beauty units. On the top right area, it also features a separate port for headphone wire.

Key Features

  • front zipper pocket
  • soft padding laptop sleeve


  • stashing storage


  • limited color options.

Durable 600 Denier Waterproof College Backpack, Anti Slip Faux Leather Bottom

This durable 600 denier backpack is specially constructed with the waterproofing facility and anti slip faux leather bottom to prevent the bag against dirt and heavy water exposure.

Uoobag KT-01 Waterproof 15.6 Inch Dark Gray Laptop Backpack


Are you looking for the best college backpack with laptop pocket? This unique design of Uoobag waterproof backpack is the perfect option to go for. It comes out with the slim sleek design and light weight measure for comfortable carrying.uoobag-kt-01-waterproof-15-6-inch-dark-gray-laptop-backpack-for-college-and-business

Its light weight quality is perfect suit for college, business, workspace and travelling purpose. The unique anti theft functionality of this backpack adopted with two ways of anti theft zipper of water proof quality to safeguard your laptop and other accessories.

You can able to find out both big and small pockets in the back of this waterproof backpack which enables you to store all your items safer. Its ergonomic design of S style band shape perfectly sticks to your body without slipping from your shoulder.

It is specially equipped with the unbelievable high capacity storage ability and three thin suits to store your iPod, laptop, umbrella, notebooks, sunglasses and other necessary items. This durable waterproof backpack is specially made up of imported nylon fabric material with high quality polyester lining.

This waterproof backpack comes out with the huge elasticity and airflow design for allowing your back comfortable with breathing ability. Its design material enables you to stay with complete convenience throughout a day.

Key Features

  • sleek slim design
  • huge elasticity


  • comfortable handling


  • bit pricey.

Unique Uoobag Waterproof Backpack, Nylon Fabric With Polyester Lining

This unique Uoobag waterproof backpack is specially vented with the high quality nylon fabric and polyester lining material to withstand against water exposure and other harmful activities.

iBlue Lightweight Teens College Backpack with Waterproof resistance


iBlue waterproof college backpack comes out with the several colors such as red, purple, navy blue, purple, sky blue, green and black of soft padding and deep airflow channels for improving the blood flow circulation in an accurate measure.iblue-lightweight-teens-student-school-backpack-casual-travel-rucksack-17in-ad01

This peppy style backpack also includes a smart outlook appearance, high quality and durability to withstand against heavy water exposure. All the college, schools and work accessories are well fitted insides this waterproof backpack.

It comes out with the padded straps of adjusting option for user convenience. With the use of these adjustable padded straps, you can make use of this backpack to make free from stress. You may experience the non slipping performance with this iBlue waterproof college backpack.

For school, college and workplace usage, you can have this waterproof college backpack for multipurpose usage. Not only it includes several colors, but also it consists of several spacious compartments to put your thing in a safe place.

If you want to satisfy all your college needs, then make use of this lightweight waterproof backpack. It is specially designed with light weight sturdy materials and double zipper unit for user’s easy access. Its 15.6 inch large multipurpose outdoor rucksack is an additional benefit for you to fit your iPod, umbrella and water bottle.

Key Features

  • Soft padding straps
  • Deep airflow channels


  • Regulates circulation


  • Fewer exterior compart-ments.

Peppy Style Waterproof Backpack, Large Multipurpose Outdoor Rucksack

This peppy stylish designed waterproof backpack is specially designed with the multipurpose outdoor rucksack for storing college accessories.

CLELO waterproof College laptop Backpack


This brand new CLELO waterproof college backpack is used for safeguarding your laptop against worst heavy rainfall and other weather conditions. Its water resistant oxford materials allow you to ensure about the backpack’s durability and withstand capacity.clelo-waterproof-college-laptop-backpack-with-15-6-inch-laptop-compatibility

Its 15.6 inch laptop provides enough roomy space to accommodate all your added accessories. This huge main compartmented college backpack comes out with two method entry for both table and laptop sleeve.

Adjustable type of side compressed straps is included with this CLELO waterproof college backpack. It also includes water bottle pockets of mess materials for placing your bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your hard day.

The bottom panel base of this CLELO waterproof college backpack is equipped with the padded material. This sturdy construction is enough to keep your laptop and other college accessories in a safe mode.

It also specially designed with huge compartment of two way entry for storing your laptop, tablets and other required accessories. The airflow perforated bottom panel allows you to carry your college accessories convenient.

This waterproof backpack for the college students comes out with different colors based on the user desire. You can able to make use of this waterproof backpack for short term vocation, weekly trips, college, work place and even for college purposes.

Key Features

  • water resistive backpack
  • high quality materials


  • high durability
  • two way entry


  • limited packet compart-ments.

Adjustable Side Compressed Straps, Airflow Padded Back Panel

Its adjustable side compresses straps allow you to make some adjustment with your straps based on your carrying convenience. This waterproof college backpack also includes airflow padded black panel for stable free standing facility.

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Waterproof Backpack


With the JanSport big student classics waterproof backpack; you can keep your heavy weighted book, laptops and other necessary items safely. Two well spacious pockets are included in this waterproof college backpack for student convenience.jansport-big-student-classics-series-waterproof-backpack

The front stash pockets and the utility pocket enable you to keep your things in an organized manner. Its ergonomic designed shoulder strap comes out with the padded featuring which becomes a perfect fit to carry the backpack comfortably.

It comes out with the front utility pocket compartments and organizer to store your pens, pencils and other needed items. JanSport Classic waterproof college backpack composes pleated front stash pockets to keep the small personal items in a safe manner.

JanSport big student classic waterproof college backpack consists of water bottle pocket on its side to help you stay hydrated throughout each day. It enables you to carry everything that makes you to successful during the semesters.

Its two main compartments comes out with the web haul soft padded handle and two S shaped curve shoulder straps for easily lifting option. This waterproof college backpack is perfect for everyone’s on the go lifestyle activities. It is specially designed with the 600 denier inbuilt movement and high durability strap to make ensure about its long lasting effect.

Key Features

  • 600 denier movement
  • front utility packet


  • easy to hold
  • hydrated environment


  • low quality strap.

Classic Waterproof College Backpack

This classic waterproof designed college backpack enables you to easily safeguard all your college accessories.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Waterproof College Backpack


This pop quiz waterproof college backpack from the Herschel supply co. company is well suited for the college students to keep their laptop more safely. This basic backpack includes several organizational compartments, portable handle, waterproof zipper closures and laptop compatibility.herschel-supply-co-pop-quiz-waterproof-college-backpack

This waterproof college backpack is made up of tough woven polyester leather material with contrasting features. Its top and bottom handle affixation allow you to carry your necessary college materials easily.

If you want a college backpack with lot number of rooms, Herschel supply co. pop quiz waterproof is the best option to go. Its 15 inch laptop pocket is specially designed with soft lining fleece for safeguarding it from corrosions.

The small session pockets are included for keeping the mobile phones, iPod and other electronic devices. You can able to keep your electronic devices of smaller items, sunglasses and other accessories in an external zipper pocket of soft fleece lining.

Adjustable type of shoulder strap comes out with the padded mesh to keep your shoulder free from stress and strain. It also provides the comfort carrying experience with its padded shoulder strap. Its eco friendly reinforced bottom and internal media pockets allow you to use this backpack for all weather situations.

Key Features

  • Tough woven polyester
  • Organiza-tional compart-ments


  • laptop compatible
  • internal media pockets


  • Bit Pricey

Waterproof Zipper Closures, High Quality Leather Material

This waterproof college backpack includes high quality leather material of waterproof zipper enclosures to safeguard the stuffed accessories.

Final Words

Most of the waterproof backpack for college students is furnished with high grade waterproof materials to safeguard your accessories from heavy water exposure and other stains.

You will amaze with its unbelievable shoulder straps length adjusting factors implemented in this waterproof college backpack. Not only it furnishes a complete waterproofing and shoulder strap adjustments, but also it offers a safe usage experience. i hope choosing the right and best backpacks for college purpose might have been simple from the above guide and the college backpacks review. 

I hope the above highlighted waterproof college backpack will make you long time journey with comfortable experience, so that you can easily pick up your desirable waterproof backpack for college and other outdoor activities.


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