Most of the cyclist will have a need to carry stuffs on their bikes for relatively short distance. They use a rucksack because it’s convenient, easily comes with you off the bike and doesn’t need any other equipment.


Convenience is the great advantage of a rucksack. There will be no chance for fifing with pannier hooks when you use rucksack.

There is huge range of options in the rucksacks for cycling; there will be specific packs with lots of packets and also hidey holes to help you to keep your stuff organized, to walking daypacks that can be used on the bike, to ultra light bags for minimalists.

Most of the cycling travel backpacks are made of waterproof fabric will generally keep dry almost everything. The bags used while cycling should be light weighted and it should be flexible for the rider these all things should be come together under a single product.

Inexpensive Waterproof Cycling Backpack

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Best Waterproof Cycling Backpack

Mid Range Waterproof Cycling Backpack

Top 10 Best Waterproof Cycling Backpacks Chosen by ChooseBackPacks.Com

Outdoor Foundry 100% Waterproof Backpack


The Outdoor Foundry 100% Waterproof Backpack is designed for the wet conditions and rugged due to rain or any other weather conditions.

It is made of padded sleeve and the interior pockets. It is highly suitable for cycling, camping, skiing, and even lounging on the beach. It is made up of 100% waterproof nylon fabrics.

It has padded back and shoulder straps to make you comfortable to carry it. It is made up of great gear organization that helps to access your gear easily.

There is large front pocket with water resistant zippers and an inner layer is available to keep laptop. As it is fully water proof the bag floats if it’s over loaded.

Several compartments are available to keep your electronics safe and to keep tiny particles.

Key Features

  • Nylon fabric
  • Padded sleeve


  • Good suspension
  • Great size


  • Minimum number of pockets.

Water Proof

100% water proof due to its construction using nylon fabrics.

Internal Frame Cycling Backpack from Mountaintop


The Mountaintop [2016 NEW] 70L+10L Internal Frame Backpack Water-resistant Hiking Backpack is a bag for trekking and include a rain cover for climbing, camping, hiking, travel, cycling and mountaineering.

It has 10 compression straps; the elastic band helps to keep the extra strap from dangling around the pack. In the main compartment there is a hydration access with the water bladder sleeve on a side of the pack.

There is an extension collar with drawstring on the top of the bag that helps to increase the capacity of the main compartment by 5 litres. It is made by water proof fabric rain cover.

Several compartments and different pockets are also available inside and outside of the bag. There is an attachment called trekking pole and loops on the bottom for ice axe or hiking poles.

The straps on the both shoulder straps have a D shaped hook, in that the small items can be linked to others. Check out the embedded video so that you will get more clear idea on this product.

Key Features

  • SBS zippers
  • Rip stop nylon fabric


  • Great adjustability
  • Plenty compart-ments


  • Frame of the bag is thin.


You are able to adjust the height of the bag as per your wish.

Doffey 25L Travel Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack


The Doffey 25L Travel Lightweight Water proof Packable Cycling Hiking Backpack is the best foldable lightweight backpack that looks fashionable and can be used for day to day travel.

The bag has additional options like ultra light and water proof backpack. It has several compartments and is made up of 2 breathable and padded backpack straps. It is highly durable as it is made up of high quality water and tears proof nylon fabric. So that it provides strength and long lasting performances.

The bag is larger and it can provide high capacity. You have a great choice of 7 different colors to be selected which suits you. It is light weighted and also handy.

It can be easily folded into any small pockets and also unfolds from pockets to the backpack. While cycling you can feel easy to carry the bag and do not feel any disturb because of it.

Key Features

  • Capacity 20L
  • Ultra light


  • Packs easily
  • Foldable


  • No padding on straps.

Light Weight

It is highly light weight and also smaller when compared to other backpacks.

Lightweight Waterproof Foldable Cycling Backpack from Hexin


The HEXIN Rated 20L/33L Lightweight Waterproof Foldable Backpack Hiking Daypack is made up of top rate quality water and tear resistant and made up of nylon fabric.

There is a YKK metal zipper which comes with two way abrasion resistant placed on the surface of the backpack. The backpack comes with bar tacking for durability and long term use. 

The bag is light weighted and the space in the bag is long and save space. you will be comfortable and the maximum convenient to carry these backpacks.

This bag is of compact size, it can be easily folded into zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere and it unfolds from pocket to backpack.

This bag can be used for daily use because of its high quality it can be perfect for long days. Adjustable breathable straps are also allotted. The bag weighs very light and it is comfortable even for the school students as they enjoy the light weight bags.

Check out the below youtube video for clear understading of the product.

Key Features

  • Two-way abrasion resistant
  • YKK metal zipper


  • Foldable
  • Compact bag


  • No hip or chest strap.

Great Little Bag

The bag is in compact size and so it is enjoyed by all.

MERU Yoga Sling Backpack – Waterproof Cross Body Bag


The MERU Yoga Sling Backpack – Waterproof Cross body Bag – Gym Travel Hiking Biking is the new creative bag to handle many things in it. It is highly used for the people who go for yoga classes and for the people cycling, hiking etc..

There is a side compartment called as ample room, is used to hold your yoga mat bag rolls and other chart items etc. It is highly durable and it is fully constructed by the water proof nylon fabric.

It helps to protect the things inside the bag from water or wind. To balance the weight sling bag style is constructed. You can carry it comfortably and so it helps to reduce shoulder strain. Smarter bag design is used as without having remove from the backpack you are able to easily access to front compartment.

The ample room is able to carry nearly 7 pounds of weight. Specially provided nylon yoga mat cover o protect it from the sun, water, wind etc. There are three multiple use storage compartment is available to carry anything as per your desire.

Key Features

  • 21.5 litres
  • Several compart-ments


  • Strongly padded strap


  • One shoulder gets tired quick.

Side Ample Room

There is a side ample room available to carry the yoga mat or water bottles.

SKORCH Original Waterproof Backpack


The SKORCH Original Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag is a comfortable bag with many benefits for the people who use it for cycling, climbing, or running etc.

It has comfortable shoulder straps that are able to carry about 30 litres. It helps to protect your gear from water and dirt while you face mutable situations. To fill you with comfort level padded shoulder straps are used.

This bag is made of durable upvc material. You are able to wipe the simple dirt and the water with the damp clothes. It looks smart for many years. It is ideal for both the water sports and the winter sports.

It is made up of number one quality products so definitely the bag is the best quality bag. The reasonable rate is provided for the bag as per its quality, quantity, and extra benefits you gain with the bag.

I have attached a video illustration on the product so that you will be more clear on this.

Key Features

  • UPVC material
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Unbreakable zippers.


  • Unable handle while submersion.

Easy Wipe

The water or dirt in the bag can be wiped easily because of the fabric used in it. Even damp clothes are enough to wipe it.

Travel Backpack Hiking Daypack


The Travel Backpack Hiking Daypack, 30L/20L Lightweight Waterproof Climbing Backpack by HopSooken is a flexible bag highly used by the people interested in hiking, cycling, or running.

It can wear it as shoulder, diagonal, backpack bag. This bag can satisfy you by different needs. It is of full stretched size that can hold anything you need. Two pockets are available to carry small particles.

High quality nylon fabric is used for water proof. It is highly tear resistant so it is usable for long use. Durable buckle is provided and the zippers are stronger so it gives more durable and long-lasting.

Streamlined appearance design makes the bag fashionable and adds extra beauty to it. It is a light weighted bag with the capacity that holds nearly 20L. After the trip the bag can be folded and also easy to carry because it fits in all kinds of place even in suite cases.

Key Features

  • 3 types of wearing style
  • Nylon fabric


  • Easy adjustable.


  • Unpadded straps.


The price level for the bag is really worth for its high quality.

Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks


The Tactical Hydration Pack Backpacks with 2.5L Bladder is the user friendly bag for Hiking, Biking, Running, Walking and Climbing.

This is highly helpful for every person who travel needs a perfect bag to be used in all kind of climates and situations. It is of adjustable shoulder/chest straps. It doesn’t move when you bounce.

There is an attached whistle buckle which can be used for emergency. This type of constructions with PVC lining for waterproof.

It is of sleek and compact design. There are needed numbers of pockets that helps to keep the particles to be carried while cycling, hiking, running or driving.

Check out the embedded video below for further understanding of the product.

Key Features

  • Rugged 600 Denier Polyester
  • Whistle buckle


  • Hydration bag
  • Adjustable straps


  • Tube becomes looser.


The bag doesn’t move while bouncing in any rough places.

WATERFLY Packable Shoulder Backpack


The WATERFLY Packable Shoulder Backpack Sling Chest Cross Body Bag Cover Pack Rucksack is ever stylish bag which shows difference in its cross body look.

Its first attention is on the outside rain proof coating. It acts as your best companion while cycling. It makes your ride easy because of its light shoulder bands. It is made of ran proof soft nylon fiber. SBS zippers are used in it.

There is a fixed brand YNS for the buckle purpose. The Bartack Process is used to reinforce all necessary places. There is a cross body bag which is made up of top rated quality which can be folded into a set of pouch which can be expanded to a large backpack.

You can easily form the bag firm over the body as there is an adjustable detachable waist strap for eventually bearing the weight. Apart from that there are 4 small pouches and one of the main pouches for storing. The bag is totally light weighted and easy to carry and while riding.

As is it available in multi colors you can choose as per your demand. Still confusions? Check out the embedded video below.

Key Features

  • SBS zippers
  • Lengthy shoulder strap


  • Multiple pockets
  • Light weight


  • Lightly padded shoulder strap.


It folds into its own pocket and that can be tossed into a purse or suitcase.

HIKPRO-1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack


The 1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack is considered as the best product in the market that fulfills your need by having multiple options in it. It is of light weight (6.5 Oz) and roomy (20 Liter). It is easy to fold into a small pocket.

It is highly durable because it is protected by high water proof fabric that doesn’t allow water to enter in. SBS metal zippers are available that works for long use. As they have several year sof experience in the field, you can expect the durable and high quality backpacks from thi smanufacturer.

It is reinforced more than 11 places with bartack process. It is one of the high quality backpack that is used for long use without any damages.

Need to know more about the product? I have attached a Youtube video just for the clear perspection.

Key Features

  • 3 zippered compartments
  • Comfortable straps


  • Light weight
  • Quality zippers


  • Not suitable for long distance.


The bag looks small until you open it, you are able to fold it to the sandwich size.


 The above information is collected after a clear view on the functions of each and single bag. These are the top rated and high quality  backpacks with ratings and appreciations. So make use of it and get your own as soon as possible. Hope this would be a best guide for you to know the best water proof backpacks for cycling.

what type of Cycling backpacks are you using? Share your ideas and queries through the comment section below. 


  1. I am using WATERFLY backpack. It is a shoulder backpack, so we no need to worry about riding bicycles. It gives you more comfort while riding. We can pack all our necessities while trekking on bicycles. I am very happy using this backpack.


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