I know how exciting a high school student would be after he/she complete their higher education.

Yeah, it’s time for the degree, and you would be eagerly getting ready to face the new friends, environment and set up. You might have got new accessories, college backpack, dresses and much more to make your college days beautiful.


While looking for the factors to grab a college backpack, you need more care for them as you are going to carry with you every day to the class. A regular high school backpack may not be suitable for your college as you might bring  extra accessories like mobile phones, laptop, etc

Today we will check out the few things you need to pack in your college pack so that it will help for the various factors in your college.


The important thing that stands first to be carried into your college backpack is the Laptop, the style of learning is getting modern so that nowadays most of the lecturers ask to bring their laptop so that they can take notes on it.

At college, no one is going to spoonfeed what you need to do and how you should learn, so it’s your responsibility that you make use of the laptop for various applications to gather information.

Essential Books

The thing that every lecturer do on their first day is that, say about the syllabus they are going to deal with and the books needed for the semester. So make sure you note down all the books you will need and gather it from the library or your friends. You need a backpack to carry your books; this may be one, two or multiple numbers.


Few of the colleges do not provide permission for carrying your laptop to the class, so in that case, you will need a notebook to take down the notes that your professor teaches in the class.  Even if you have a laptop some essential terms cannot be types in the laptop especially the maths notes; you will need a notebook in that case too.

Pencil, Pens, and Highlighter

This is needed for annotating your textbooks; you will need a pen, pencil or highlighter in the case of taking notes. Used for highlighting the mandatory notes or to note down some relevant section for your tests, studies, and quizzes.


The saying “no child left behind,” just stops by the high school, in college no one is going to remind you about the projects due or about the assignments you need to complete for the next day or upcoming year. In this case, a daily planner will help you to take note of the things you need to perform for the upcoming days; you will also be able to prepare for the tests and projects in a right way.

A granola Bar and Water Bottle

The water bottle is one of the critical things you need to carry on your backpack; this can be used in any emergency cases of drowsiness feel or in the case of if you are thirsty. Granola bar or any snack items can help in reducing your hungry feel during the break time.

Tissues, Lotion and Lip Balm

It’s a good habit to keep lotion, tissues and lip balm in your bag as you will never know when your nose will run or your lips get chapped. The air would be dry and your hands and lips get dry, there are high chances for the bloody nose. This will also be highly useful in Nebraska winters.


Make sure you have your room keys with you as you will need keys if you are staying with your friends in a hostel or with your friends. There are high chances to stand out if you do not have an own key for your room.

Chargers & Headphones

If you are bringing the laptop, then you need to carry a charger along with it so that you run out of battery. In the free time, a headphone can be used for watching something exciting or hearing your favorite song for few minutes in the break. So carrying both headphones and charger is also one of the necessary accessories you need to carry in your college backpack.  

Mobile Phones

Cell phones are one of the essential factors as they can be used for more emergency cases and for contacting others in any cases. Some colleges don’t allow mobile phones, in the case you can neglect it.

Bottom Line

So ready to grab all the things in your backpack? Get ready and enjoy your college days.

Any other accessories or materials to be added to the list of things to pack in a college backpack? Let us know through the comment section below.



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