Waterproof backpacks are a trending backpack that is commonly used by many users. Generally, people who go for trekking, hiking, traveling etc; use a waterproof backpack. Other than a waterproof backpack, they also require high-capacity backpacks with them. A brand of bags that combine both these features is the Sealline bag.


The Sealline brand of bags is user-friendly bags designed with high capacity.  In addition to this, the features equipped with the Sealline backpacks are attractive and they offer higher performance to the users.

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Sealline Bags

As mentioned above, Sealline bag is an advanced backpack that is designed with various innovative and advanced functions with it. Some important features of Sealline brand are listed below.


The Sealline brand maintains its reputation in the market with the help of its attractive features. Various types of innovative technology and additional features are equipped with this product, so that the performance offered by the bag is maintained high for a long time.  Some important features of this device are listed below.


All the products of Sealline brand are made up of high-quality material that offers flexibility to the users. These materials are durable and are designed to withstand various weights placed within the bag.

The material used within these products also has a waterproof feature with it, so that the products kept within it are kept dry for a long time. Further, the material also has long lasting feature with it. This feature increases the durability of the backpack and so the products from Sealline can be used in various types of environments and climatic conditions.

Water is completely locked outside these bags, so the materials placed within these bags are kept dry for a long time. With this feature, the bags can be uneven used in hilly regions, lakes, ponds and even in seas. Generally, the Sealline brand products are made out of vinyl, polyurethane, vinyl chloride etc.


The next important feature about Sealline product is the straps. The straps used within these products are also durable and they are used for withstanding various weights placed within the product.

The straps are designed with a stress-resistant feature so that various weights can be bearded easily by the user. Further, the straps also offer breathable feature with it, so that it offers higher comfort and efficiency to the users.


All the products of Sealline brand are equipped with the zipper closure mechanism. The zipper used within these products is durable and they offer higher performance. These zippers are made up of durable metal that has a water-resistant feature in it. So that the backpacks offered by Sealline brand can be used in all the environmental conditions.

The type of closure mechanism depends on the model of the bag designed by Sealline. Other than zipper closure mechanism, roll top closure, buckle closure lock and loop closure is also used in the Sealline brand.


Sealline backpacks are designed with varied capacity and functions. The capacity of the backpack depends on the model and design of it. The capacity of the Sealline brand varies from 10L to 115L. The user can select the bag based on the capacity.


 The quality of Sealline products is high because the materials used within these products are high. Since these products have higher quality, the performance of them is also high. Hence, these features improve the durability and long lasting characteristics of the product.

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Sealline Boundary Pack


The Sealline Boundary Pack is a strapped dry bag that is designed with various functions and advanced features. The straps used within this bag are durable and is designed with the stress-free feature. These straps are foamed, hence the comfort offered by these straps are also high compared to other bags.sealline-boundary-pack

This is a dry pack that is made up of PVC-free material. This product is durable and is made up of Polyester and urethane. Both these materials add performance and advanced features to all the users. This fabric also offers long lasting feature to the base

The closure mechanism used within this product is effective it can be done both by zipping and by roll top closure mechanism. The zip is made up of waterproof metal. The suspension system offered by this bag is also high. This suspension system offers a high performance to the users. It also increases the durability of the bag.

Know the working mechanism of this sealline Boundary backpack from the embedded video below.

Key Features

  • PU-coated polyester
  • Dry seal


  • Roll top closure


  • Shallow front pocket.

Advanced Suspension System

The suspension system used within this bag improved so that heavy weights can be born easily.

Seal Line Pro Pack 115


The Seal Line Pro Pack 115 backpack is a high-capacity backpack that is designed with various advanced features. This backpack is designed with waterproof feature. The base is made up of high-quality vinyl; this material increases the durability of the bag. It also offers water resistant feature to the users.seal-line-pro-pack-115

The zips used within this bag are durable and it is also designed with water resistant feature. Further, the double switched network within these zips also ensures durability and performance to all the users. Further various compartments are used within this backpack. These compartments are used for organizing things in an effective way.

The straps used in this bag are durable and it has breathable mesh layer with it. The straps also have foamed pads, so that the user can carry it with higher comfort and efficiency. Further, the straps are adjustable and have stress resistant feature with it.

Key Features

  • 115L capacity
  • Metal zipper


  • Adjustable
  • Offers comfort


  • Removable suspension is not proper.

Breathable Strap

Shoulder straps used in this backpack are breathable and so it offers higher comfort to the users.

Sealline See Bag


The Sealline see the bag is a transparent bag designed with waterproof technology. This is a transparent bag and so all the materials within the bag can be viewed easily. With this feature, any materials in the bag can be viewed easily on the device.sealline-see-the-bag

This backpack is made up of vinyl oxide. This vinyl offers a waterproof feature to the bag. Further, the quality of this material is high and so it ensures durability to the user. With this bag, the user can search various materials within the bag easily.

The closure mechanism used within the backpack is both zip closure and roll top closure. The zip used in this product is made up of durable material and it has water resistant feature with it. In addition to this, the roll-top closure ensures complete waterproof technology, so that the products within this bag are kept safe for a long time.

Key Features

  • Vinyl
  • Water tight seal


  • Heavy duty


  • Limited lifespan.


This is a high-quality transparent bag so that the materials within the bag can be viewed clearly.

Sealline Baja Dry Bag


The Sealline Baja Dry Bag is a specially designed dry bag that can be used for storing various things. The important feature of this backpack is that it keeps all the materials within it dry so that the performance and advancements offered by this bag are also high.sealline-baja-dry-bag

The material used in this dry bag is made up of vinyl oxide. This cover adds higher strength and performance to all the users. Further, the vinyl oxide also increases the durability of the cover; hence the durability of this dry bag is also high compared to other means.

The roll top closure mechanism is used in this bag. This mechanism completely avoids water so that the materials within the bag are kept safe. This bag can be used in various places, such that it can be even used for safeguarding the gear to a great extent.  This is an all-purpose bag and so it can be used for hiking, traveling, boating, cycling etc.

To make you more clear i have embedded a youtube video below.

Key Features

  • Vinyl fabric
  • Roll-top closure


  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use


  • Zippers corrode.

Dry Bag

This is a multi-purpose dry bag and it keeps the things dry for a long time.

Final Words

From the above, it is clear the products of Sealline brand have high quality and performance with it. All the products are designed with water resistant feature; hence the durability of the product is maintained high for a long time.

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