Tired of carrying luggage in hand? Feeling Difficulties in choosing the best backpack for your travel, Hiking, Camping or for your college use? Need to know how to choose the best backpacks that suit you perfectly for your travel purpose?

You have been redirected to the right page. Choosing the best backpack is the great task for the beginners, they should know the quality, brands, durability and focus of the travel you plan. You can find different types of backpacks like college backpacks, travel backpacks, duffel bags, hiking backpacks, waterproof backpacks and many.

Today we are going to see some of the important guidelines to have in your mind while purchasing a backpack for travel, college, hiking, campaign and for many other uses.

I have embedded an Youtube Video about choosing the best backpacks based on the purpose you are going to travel.

Guidelines For Choosing the Best BackPacks

1. Check for the Quality of material

The first thing you need to check is the quality of backpack you are going to get. Prefer going with expensive ones when you are getting the right backpack for you because most of the backpacks which are expensive will have an excellent quality and high durability in nature.

When your backpack is of high quality, there will be assurance of warranty and the guaranty period too. Look for the materials they have used, you can find out from the appearance of the backpack itself.

Also look for the characteristics in them, for eg if the backpack has the hip belt, shoulder straps, sternum straps etc, you will be able to know how it fits your back properly.

2. Check whether your backpack is resistant to water:

Whatever the type of travel or uses may be, you have to prefer to go with Waterproof Backpacks. Your backpack should tackle all critic situations that is occurring during the travel.

Check and test the backpacks first before you choose the one for you. You can get sealing waterproof bags for all your choices. There are also waterproof duffel bags, waterproof college backpacks, waterproof travel backpacks available in the various store, online etc.

3. Check for the compartments in the backpacks:

You may go for a long travel and you will need to store different items separately. If you have multiple compartments in your backpacks then it will be easy for your to store the items separately as well as this will reduce the weight of your backpack.

4. Check whether your Backpack Zip has the lock mechanism:

You will have many valuable and important items in your backpack during the travel or tour plans. You cannot assure 100 percent safety if your backpack doesn’t have a lock mechanism. If your backpack supports this type of lock mechanism then you need not worry about the precious items in your backpack.

5. Check Whether your backpack has a Padded Hip Belt:

Assume you are going for an adventurous trip, you need to carry some things like water, ropes and much more with you. If your backpack has a padded hip belt then you and your items in the backpack will be safe along with you even if you are facing any dangerous accidents.

6. Check whether your backpack has a Padded shoulder strap:

A shoulder strap in your backpack is mandatory to hold and fit your shoulder during your travel. Padded Shoulder Straps should make your load more comfortable as the weight of your pack will also be pushing downward on your shoulders.

The pads will put less pressure on your shoulders and also will help to take pressure off your lower back. You must choose the shoulder with thick padding and this must fit the body without any disturbance in carrying along with your weight.

7. Check the warranty of your Backpack:

A Backpack with the eligible warranty is mandatory. If you find any damages or if there is any problem with the backpacks, then you will be able to change it using the warranty card. Most of the manufacturer provide warranty for a period of 1 or 2 years.

8. Check for size and the price:

You should be careful in selecting the best backpacks, you should know for what purpose you are selecting the backpack for. Know the size of the backpacks you need to get it. Most of the standard backpacks come with high price.

Some of the backpack manufacturers keeping in this mind develop low-quality materials and will sell for the high price, so know the quality, size, and price before you choose the best backpack for you. The size of the bag should be very comfortable to carry your accessories and also it should not give a bulky look.

9. Check whether the backpack Internal-frame suits your travel:

Choose a body-hugging internal frame so that you will be able to keep you stable while you hike or during any other adventurous travel. There are many advanced technologies developed in this to support the load so that they give a grip to your hip while trucking or during any other adventure.

10. Check whether your backpack has the load lifter strap:

A load lifter strap will help in adjusting your shoulder straps to the backpack, you need to tighten until this fits your back perfectly at a 45-degree angle. This will prevent your backpacks from loosening.

11. Check whether your backpacks contains the sternum and the compression straps:

The sternum strap is mandatory when you are traveling for any camping, hiking or during an adventure. The sternum straps will be in both of the shoulders so that you can clip over the chest. The compression straps are used if your backpack contains much empty spaces or else it’s full, you can adjust your backpack until it becomes a neat package.

12. Check whether the backpacks contains the frame sheets and Aluminium Stays:

You might have noticed a rigid piece of material on the back of your backpack. This will help in keeping your backpack in a stable shape. Aluminum stays provide the stiffness and shape to your backpack.

13. Check whether you backpacks has a perimeter frame:

This will be present outside the backpack on their back. This will prevent the sweat from building over the back of your backpacks.

Here is a info graphics on choosing the best Backpacks and their features.

Infographics on Choosing the best Backpacks
What are the types of backpacks available?

There are many styles and types of Backpacks available in the market for various travel purposes and for different uses.

1. Travel backpacks:

What if you have planned for a long travel, you have chosen a heavy and large backpack for your travel. Can you take those backpacks to all the places you travel?

That won’t look good or perfect for you. There are many best travel backpack available for various travel purposes. Some of the special features included for the travel backpacks are “kangaroo style” carrying options, zippers with a lockable mechanism, shoulder straps, hiper belt etc.

2. College Backpacks:

Best College Backpacks are very simple to look and comes in various designs for both men and women. This will have many compartments to store books, accessories and much more that will be perfect for short time purpose.

3. Ultralight packs:

This type of backpacks can be used for colleges too, apart from that helpful for people who wish to carry less amount of luggage with them with no weight. This type of backpacks comes in different size, shapes, and designs.

4. Duffel bag:

This type of backpacks will be perfect suit for a gym , travelers , picnic and short time luggage. Best Duffel Bag will have various compartments and also many features associated with them.

5. Waterproof Backpacks:

For all types of travel, all consumers prefer waterproof backpacks, as they are resistant to water. Waterproof cycling backpacks, waterproof travel backpacks, waterproof camera bags, waterproof duffel bags, waterproof college backs are some of them. Here is a top 15 waterproof  backpacks review so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

6. Cycling Backpacks:

This type of backpacks will look simple and very short so that cyclers will be able to carry with them during the cycling. Waterproof Cycling backpacks will have compartments to keep waters and other important first aid materials.

Apart from that, this cycling backpacks will have shoulder straps, perimeter frame, aluminum stays and frame sheets.

7. Hiking Backpacks:

This type of backpacks is used for people who hike. Best Hiking Backpacks will contain many advanced features that a hiker will be benefited from. There will be many compartments to hold various items that are needed during the hike.

8. Roll Top Backpacks:

Rolltop backpacks will have a roll top at the backpacks and this is preferred for adventure travelers.
Some other backpacks include Women’s backpacks, Hydration packs, climbing backpacks, Skiing backpacks, laptop backpacks, messenger bags etc..

How much should you pay for your backpacks?

The price range of the backpacks depends on the size, material used, brand’s, characteristics and much more. Most of the backpacks would cost between $100 to 320 USD. Big brands like Everlane, Wildcraft, sealline bags will be expensive when compared to the small brands. I will say you can get a backpack if it’s in the range of $100 to $180.

Where can you get the Best Backpacks?

Backpacks are available in many retail stores, sports shops and online. When you are buying a backpack for you, never forget to look for the above guidelines.

The Bottom Line…

I hope you have got a clear idea of buying the best backpacks for your needs. Do have any queries regarding Best Backpacks? Shoot your questions in the following comment section.

What type of Backpack are you using? How effective are they?