Backpacks are very important, as it has become a major part of everyone’s life. Nowadays backpacks have become a fashionable thing that comes in handy with innovative features. It is a great companion for everyone whether you’re going to school, college, travel, work, etc…

Various sports require different kinds of stuff for their powerful playing while considering Basketball you need some important sports gears that you need to carry with you every time wherever you go. Searching for anything at the time of your need spoils the fun of your trip or play.

Basketball backpacks will help you to accumulate the things safe and protected in a compact place. It can prevent your things from lying around or losing it.

An effective Basketball backpack is deep enough and will help you in holding all the essential basketball gears with excellent protection. It is provided with pockets and additional compartments for basketball, shoes, towels, water bottles, and other related items.

Basketball backpacks also come with the waterproofing feature. So you need not worry about any bad weather conditions when going out anywhere for a game.

Best Overall Basketball Backpack

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Buy one bag Nike Hoops Max Elite Basketball Backpack that does all functions.

  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Good Quality

Basketball Backpacks are available online at an affordable rate with a wide range of colors and attractive designs.

We have researched for the best backpack manufacturers and have listed the top 10 best basketball backpacks based on the customer reviews, ratings, performance, quality, price and much more.

Why do you need basketball backpacks?

Sportsperson or the players would definitely need strong and sturdy backpacks, as they have to cram a lot of essentials for their play. Basketball backpacks help you to organize things in a safe manner and prevent them from lying around.

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Best Basketball Backpacks 2019

Choosing the sport stuffs and gears from the right manufacturer or developer is important so that you can enjoy the complete benefits of the product in depth.

Dimensions: 21″ H x 13″ W x 9″ D

Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Material used: Polyester

Best for: Teens

The award-winning brand on my list is Nike. There is no wonder in Nike ranking first. Because globally Nike is the well-famed brand that is in trend today. Nike Basketball backpacks have renowned this award for its great quality and performance.  It comes with more innovative features and stands out unique from other products.



 This top model backpack is made out of premium quality polyester materials that are durable. These materials are water resistant and prevent your gaming accessories from various climatic conditions. The shoulder straps are wide enough that is very comfortable to wear. This backpack can be used daily for school without any problem.


If you’re looking for a stylish, modern backpack, then Nike Elite Max Air backpack is the perfect choice for you. It looks stylish but provides enough space to hold all the accessories you need for your practice. You can fit your shoes, clothes, and a ball comfortably in the main compartment. It is sturdy enough for rough and tough usage.


 It has a large opening at the top that allows for storage of one basketball and several side pockets. The side pockets at the exterior can hold two water bottles each.

The Quad Zip system on the front of the backpack allows you to access your gears from all angles. So it is quite easy for you to empty the backpack.

Further, the shoulder straps in the bag are padded with mesh that reduces sweating. The back panel is highly breathable that allows cool and fresh ventilation to your back.

Special in Nike Backpack

Another notable feature here is the separated compartment for your dirty clothes. This wet/dry compartment keeps your dirty gears in separate sections and the rest of your stuff remains clean and fresh.

This is not only the best for kids or teens, but it is also loved by everyone as it provides great support to your needs.

Available in different sizes

There are many different sizes of basketball backpacks available in the market. It comes in a wide range of colors with attractive patterns and designs.  It has given a great choice for you can choose the desired one as per your requirement.


  • Padded mesh back
  • Multiple storage accessories
  • Nike Quad Zip system
  • Water resistant bottom


  • Reduce sweating
  • Deep and wide enough
  • Premium quality materials


  • Bit pricey

Key Takeaway

The Nike Elite Max Air Team 2.0 is an excellent option for children or teenagers who love sports especially basketball. Surprise your kid or the grandson with a beautiful backpack that performs versatile functions.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.1 x 19.7 inches

Weight: 1.45 Pounds

Material used: Polyester + nylon

Best for: Basketball players

The 2nd winning product in my list is the Under Armour Undeniable backpack. This is big enough and is used by the basketball players for their practice. It is the most popular brand with good color combinations to attract crazy kids or teens. Let’s go through the innovative features of Under Armour.



Under Armour is made out of high-quality polyester and nylon that is sturdy to hold basketball gears. This backpack is designed with UA storm technology that protects your valuables from water. So you need not worry about using this backpack during rainy seasons. This strong, durable backpack can be used daily.


Under Armour is provided with one big main compartment that can fit a ball, shoes, clothing, etc.  The main compartment has a top opening for easy loading. It provides plenty of space for storage. The interior is also provided with stash pockets and laptop sleeve for storage. The bottom of the bag is made with abrasion resistant that prevents from ripping.


The exterior segments have zippers and side pockets for easy accessing. The side pockets are made with standard sizing that perfectly fits a water bottle into it.

The foam padded panel at the back adds extreme comfort and protection.  The front of the backpack is given with a water repellent finish that prevents water from entering in. Besides using this backpack for basketball, you can also use it as a traveling backpack.

Special in Under Armour

The highlighting feature in Under Armour is the laptop sleeve. The soft lined sleeve has the capability to hold up to 15″ inch laptop. You can also store your electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets in it. It is an excellent option for youth as they always carry a laptop with them.

This backpack is also designed with multiple color options. It is good looking and comes with beautiful color combinations.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Foam padded panel
  • Soft Laptop sleeve
  • UA Storm technology


  • Easy top loading access
  • Robust construction
  • Quite roomy


  • The straps may rip

Key Takeaway

Under Armour is a high-quality functional product that is reliable.  It is a perfect sports backpack for everyday performance.

Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 1 Pounds

Material used: Polyester + nylon

Best for: Athletics

Are you looking for a backpack for just holding your sports items? Then this backpack from the reliable manufacturer Hard Work Sports would be the best bet, this product ranks third in our best picks of basketball backpack.



The backpack is designed to be in a single size and opt for any type of users.  The manufacturer has developed this backpack with top-notch quality products to withstand any tough sporting environments.


The interior is deep enough to store all your gears such as the shoes, clothing, etc. The bag also contains multiple compartments to store your personal items, sports picks and also other smaller items. This is a lightweight backpack and weighs just 1 pound, but it is sturdy enough to hold all your playing accessories.


The rubber mesh in the front holds the ball safely on the compartment without dropping down.

The Shoulder straps are designed to be adjustable so that portability is made easier. These straps are breathable and are very comfortable to your shoulders.

You’ll not find any weight on any particular place as the weight gets evenly distributed. As a whole, the basketball backpack is primarily developed for sports use and provides a stylish look.

Affordable price

The price of this backpack is also affordable. It is one of the cheapest basketball backpacks available in the market today. The manufacturer offers a 100 % lifetime guarantee for the basketball backpack and therefore you can get this product without any hesitation.

If you’re looking for a cheap backpack then this is the right option for you.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Mesh ball holder
  • Multiple compartments
  • Clean design


  • Long lasting
  • Standard sizing
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Too tight net

Key Takeaway

Hard work sports basketball backpack is a cheap backpack that is great in performance.

Dimensions: 17.7 x 8.9 x 13.8 inches

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Material used: Polyester 

Best for: School

Nike Club Team Swoosh backpack is a decent and reliable product for those who need to carry their gears. It looks simple and available at low price. It is a wonderful pick for the school that can be used daily.



It is simply made out of polyester that looks simple but durable. It has the capacity to stand for years without any change. It comes with standard sizing and available in four different colors to help you choose your favorite pick.


The Nike Swoosh backpack features a large opening at the top that allows a ball to be stored inside the backpack. A customer has informed that this backpack is quite spacious and can hold for at least 2 balls inside.

It also features additional pockets for other storage such as the drinks, pumps, phones, etc.


The padding on the back panel is breathable and reduces the sweating of the person carrying. The black version of this backpack does not go well during the hot summer, so you may feel that it does not reduce sweat.  The other versions are comfortable for you at any season.

This backpack is also protected by rain cover to prevent your gears from moisture. And the zippered cleat is tightly closed for safety.

Convenient to carry

The curved shoulder straps of this backpack are very comfortable to carry. As it is lightweight of about 1.1 pounds, it does not weigh heavy to your shoulders. Storage space is very decent and can hold a basketball and other gears perfectly.


  • Dual zippers for main compartment
  • Comes with zippered cleat
  • Curved shoulder straps
  • Includes rain flap


  • Comfortable carrying
  • Versatile and functional
  • Can hold atleast 2 basket balls


  • Available only in one size

Key Takeaway

Nike Club Team Swoosh backpack is an ideal backpack for players or the teams that is very much convenient for them to carry.

Dimensions: 13″L x 9.50″W x 20″H

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Material used: Polyester

Best for: Gym

The fifth product in our best picks of basketball backpack is captured by the leading manufacturer Adidas. This brand delivers victorious products for the customers at a reasonable rate.



The Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is an imported backpack that is made out of durable polyester materials for durability. It adds extra comfort to your back.

The price of the product is high but worth the money you put for the basketball backpack and measures about 1 pound in weight. It includes 1 interior zip pockets and three exterior pockets.


This backpack contains laser cut ventilated clear compartment which provides enough space to cram your belongings. The robust construction of this bag protects your valuables from moist weather conditions. The internal pocket is large enough to hold your tablet or other electronic gadgets.


 It has side mesh pockets and a back mesh section for holding items. Ultra-ride shoulder straps are very convenient to wear as well as to carry. This backpack is built with a quilted back panel which is quite soft and breathable.

The ventilated exterior pockets keep the backpack fresh and aerated.

Complete fitness

The backpack is available in just a single size and this is considered to be the one size fit for everyone. It is available in plenty of colors namely black, bold blue, collegiate green, blue, navy, and much more

Special in Adidas

The notable feature in Adidas is the bottom front pocket.  It includes a zippered ball pocket which doubles as a laundry pocket. This is extra large to fit your basketball perfectly.

Another feature is the Hydrosheild water-resistant technology. This material prevents water from entering in. So you need not worry about your gears. Just stow away to this backpack and stay cool.

If you look for a basketball backpack for gym or players then this would be the right choice for you.


  • Zippered ball & laundry pocket
  • Ventilated pockets
  • Hydroshield material
  • Padded back panel


  • Spacious
  • Array of color combinations
  • Allows fresh ventilation


  • Fits only small shoes

Key Takeaway

Adidas is a perfect backpack to the Gym as it requires a well-built, sturdy bag to protect your essentials.

Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 2 inches

Weight: 1 Pound

Material used: 420 denier Nylon

Best for: Soccer

Diadora is the well-famed manufacturer for backpacks and other outdoor products. This stands out best for their good quality, performance, durability, reasonable pricing, and other innovative features.



The Diadora basketball backpack is made out of good quality nylon materials with the PVC backing that offers durability. Diadora basketball is developed in multiple colors and gives you a great choice to choose the right option.

This backpack is built with water-resistant material and therefore you need not worry about the rainy climate or if any liquid or fluid is filled within any compartment.


The Diadora Squadra backpack has a zippered main compartment for storage. The bag is designed skillfully to handle the weight of the ball and other necessities for your practice. And there are couples of side pockets that help you to store your valuables safe and secured. The water resisting feature protects your gears from spoiling.


The Diadora basketball backpack comes with a separate compartment in the front with ventilation for holding your basketball.

It comes with a side vented shoe tunnel to hold your shoes. The ergo-friendly design creates wonder for reliable use. The shoulder straps are padded anatomically and therefore you can feel excellent comfort in carrying them.


  • Vented ball pocket
  • Ergo friendly design
  • Side vented shoe tunnel
  • Anatomically padded straps


  • Easy washable
  • Plenty of room
  • Tear resistant


  • Zippers are not that strong

Key Takeaway

Diadora Squadra backpack is the best soccer backpack that offers plenty of space for your gear. It can be used regularly even to gym.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 18.9 x 5.9 inches

Weight: 1.67 Pounds

Material used: Polyester+Nylon

Best for: Travel

Are you looking for a multipurpose sports backpack? Then pick the Kalako basketball backpack without any hesitation. It is built with plenty of highlighting features that rank 7th in our best product picks. The price of the product is reasonable and falls within your budget.



Kolako is the stylish backpack that is made out of durable polyester fabric and nylon that allows the backpack to withstand various temperatures. The water resisting feature keeps moisture away. The entire design of the backpack attracts everyone and can be used by both men and women.


The interior of Kolako backpack is built with a lot of compartments that provide a separate place to hold your personal items and other things like  Passport, Pen, Wallet, Keys, watch, Mp3, Books, etc. It is also attached with a soft lined laptop sleeve to protect your electronic gadgets like the Laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc. It provides enough space to fit your 15′ inch laptop with great comfort.


The bottom part of the backpack is provided with a pocket that contains a net bag to hold your ball. You just need to draw the net out of the bag to put your basketball in it. It can be folded and placed inside the pocket when not in use.  This bottom pouch is completely made out of mesh netting which can hold your lunch bag, basketball, helmet, and some other large items.

The back panel is padded with soft and thick fabric that provides superior protection and excellent comfort to your back.

Special in Kolako

 The unique feature of this backpack is the USB port and built-in charging cable. This charging port is extended to the side strap of the backpack that allows you to charge your phone or laptop conveniently. But the USB charging port allows charging only to your android devices.

Highly breathable

Heat Dissipation and good air permeability provide the best comfortable feel for your waist. The Anti sweat shoulder straps are thickened and widened along with breathable mesh helps in lowering the pressure felt on your shoulders.


  • USB charging port
  • Foam padded back panel
  • Laptop sleeve with soft lining
  • Multiple compartments


  • Excellent air permeability
  • Convenient charging
  • Multi-purpose bag


  • The straps may rip

Key Takeaway

Kolako Business Laptop backpack is a unique style backpack that is perfect for many occasions whether to office work, college, school, business, travel, or other outdoor activities.

Dimensions: 18.7 x 10.9 x 1.4 inches

Weight: 1.25 Pounds

Material used: 600D Polyester

Best for: Kids

Are you looking for a backpack preferred for holding all the basketball related stuff? If so, Vizari would be the best pick with all the necessary features that a sports backpack should include. This backpack is great for kids as well as younger sports enthusiasts.



Vizari Sports Solano Backpack is a sturdy backpack made from 600D Poly/Jacquard Blend. The backpack is of one size fit and comes with mesh pocket for the ball. This ball pocket is made out of good quality rubber mesh for longevity.


The Vizari Sport Solano Backpack opens into a large main partition to cram all your playing gears. It is spacious enough to hold all your basketball equipment. This comes with plenty of compartments in which the main compartment is larger when compared with others. The backpack is also made to be water resistant which prevents your belongings from wetting. So you need not worry about any liquid or fluid splits in to the backpack compartments.


The front pocket comes with a space for holding your basketball and they are developed with ventilated net structures for reliable use. The side cargo pocket offers partial coverage but mixes with breathable mesh for ventilation. The straps are well padded that makes it easy to carry.

Special in Vizari

The highlighting feature in Vizari is the inner iPod pockets. It provides a convenient headphone cable port for easy accessing. The zipper pulls of this backpack are looped which helps you in loading the gears.

The Vizari backpacks are also available in 6 different color options. So you can choose any of the colors of your choice.


  • Breathable cargo pockets
  • Mesh ball pocket
  • Looped zipper pulls
  • Headphone port


  • Easy to carry
  • Extreme comfort
  • Fits a ball of size 5


  • Mesh netting was not that good

Key Takeaway

Vizari Solano Backpack is a wonderful backpack to cram the sports gears. This is kids friendly and also a great option for younger sports person. 

Dimensions: 18″Hx13″Wx7.5″D

Weight: 1 Pound

Material used: Polyester + Ripstop nylon

Best for: Athletes

Sports Backpack by Fashion Helper ranks 9th in our best basketball backpack list. This innovative designed backpack can be used for multi-purpose and comes with excellent features.



This bag is made from 600-denier polyester with ripstop nylon. This backpack is the best quality bag available on the market and looks great.


Sports backpacks have a large main compartment that is spacious enough to carry all the accessories you need for your games. This main compartment has a zippered closure and is perfect to protect your uniform, clothes or school books.


It features a large front mesh to store all your gears and two side mesh pockets with zip tops. These are perfect for shin guards. It also features slip pocket, pen holders, and a large Velcro flap pocket to store your valuables for easy access. The top carry handle offers complete grip to you. 

Special in Fashion Helper

 Apart from all these feature Sports Ball Backpack also has a top zippered compartment for a music player that has a built-in headphone exit port. This backpack also offers a cell phone holder attached with the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps can be adjusted based on your needs.

Present this great gift to your athletes, whether to use it as a Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball or Soccer backpack.


  • Easy move zippers
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Includes cell phone pocket
  • Built-in Velcro flap pocket


  • Expandable pockets
  • Complete protection
  • Easy carrying


  • No perfect stitching

Key Takeaway

Fashion Helper Sports Backpack is a great functional bag that provides comfortable grip to your shoulders. This is perfect for any occasion especially for the teens.

Dimensions: 22 x 6 x 14 inches

Weight: 3 Pounds

Material used: Polyester 

Best for: Soccer/ football players

Are you tired of searching Sports backpack for your child? Don’t worry, K-Cliffs basketball backpack would the right choice as they are designed with multiple specifications and compartments as people preferred.



K-Cliffs backpack is an inexpensive backpack but performs versatile functions. This backpack is made out of a polyester fabric that is highly durable and can last for several years. This high-quality product weighs little heavy as such of 3 pounds. It is also available in 3 different colors namely black, blue, red, etc.


There is a main compartment with zipper and a huge pouch in the front of the bag for ball storage. It is spacious enough to hold your basketball, soccer ball or any other sports balls. Also, it has plenty of room to store your clothing, shoes and other personal items. It has also developed 2 zipper front packs for holding any of your personal items.


The external part of the backpack is made sturdy with polyester fabric to withstand various climatic conditions. The back panel is padded with soft and thick cushioned fabric that provides great comfort while carrying.

The shoulder straps are also padded and so you may not feel difficulty in carrying. The bag measures about 3 pounds but it does not weigh heavy to your shoulders. The mesh pocket on both the sides of the bag let you hold water bottles.

Special in K-Cliff

K-Cliff backpack features Velcro loops on both sides to hold your full-size baseball bat. This bag also includes a handle that provides a strong grip while toting. This is very much preferred by the players as it provides great comfort for carrying their equipment.

This K-Cliff also features a pen holder and cell phone holder at the front for easy accessing.


  • Movable cell phone holder
  • Velcro loops on the sides
  • Comes with handle
  • Multiple mini front pockets


  • Comfortable grip
  • Multi functional daypack
  • Good looking


  • Little heavy

Key Takeaway

K-Cliff Sports backpack is inexpensive and quite functional. It is a perfect choice for players that help you to cram a lot of great sports equipment.

Features in Basketball backpacks

Ball compartment

The specialty of basketball backpack is the ball compartment. It is an extra pocket compared to other varieties of backpacks. This ball compartment is usually made of mesh layer on the exterior that provides plenty of storage space to place your ball. So you need not want to carry your ball in hand.

These backpacks are mostly loved by the basketball players, as it fits their ball perfectly into it for easy accessing.

Shoe compartment

Basketball backpacks are also designed with shoe compartment to insert your shoes.  You can also keep your dirty shoes into it after play.

Some of the backpacks have a separate place in the main compartment for shoes while some others have on the sides of the bags.


Backpacks without pockets are of no use. It is an additional feature that every backpack should possess.  Likewise, basketball backpacks are also made with multiple pockets to both the interior and exterior.  These pockets are also designed with mesh fabric that offers ventilation.

It is a perfect place to keep your valuable belongings like the wallet, gloves, socks, etc for easy accessing.

Drink holder

It is an additional feature that is present on the sides of the backpacks. It is made out of mesh netting that provides enough space to hold your water bottles, flasks, energy drinks, etc.

Laptop sleeve

The laptop sleeve is the new feature introduced in backpacks that are manufactured recently. It is situated in the interior of the bag that fits the 15″ inch laptop perfectly.

This special pocket is available only in bulky bags that provide enough space for your playing accessories.

This padded sleeve is made with UA treated material that acts as a shield in protecting your electronic gadgets such as the laptop, tablets, etc. So you can stow away your laptop without worrying.

Lockable zippers

Zippers are the main feature that you have to check in a backpack before buying. The zippers are usually made with high-quality materials that provide complete protection to all your gears you’ve stuffed into the bag. The zippers also come with locks that offer protection from the theft. So you need not worry about your gears from being stolen.

Headphone port

The headphone port is the new feature that has been arisen only in a few brands of basketball backpacks. This port is located at the shoulder straps that provide easy accessing to the mobile phones.


Handle is an added feature to the backpacks that provides comfortable grip for carry. This is built-in to the multipurpose backpacks that can be used for many occasions like to office, travel, college, school, hiking or other outdoor activities.

Best Brands for Basketball Backpacks

Nike is an American multinational company that is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and other sports equipment. It was initially started in 1964 and named as Blue Ribbon Sports. Then it was officially registered as Nike in 1971. It has started the business with footwear and now developed into many major sports equipment and apparels.

Adidas is a German Company introduced into this world by Adolf Dassler. He and his brother Rudolf Dassler started their business with sports shoes under the name of Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Then later Adolf expanded his company by producing shoes, clothing and other sports accessories. Now it is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Under Armour is also an American company that was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. He first started manufacturing T-shirts using moisture-wicking synthetic fabric and it had got great sales. This motivated him to produce more products that keep the athletes cool and dry. Now Under Armour has become the leading manufacturer in footwear and sports products.

Special Choices

For kids

Basketball backpacks are available separately for all age group people. Here for kids, it is designed with a unique style and trendier patterns. It comes with attractive colors depicting the originality of basketball. The best example for this type of backpack is the HW Polyester Pattern Schoolbag.

This good looking factor is printed with a 3D pattern design that is eye catchy and impressive to the kids. This backpack is recommended for children from the age of 6-16 years. This is a casual style backpack that can be used for any purposes say camping, hiking, school, excursions, sports and much more.

The ergonomically designed back panel prevents overheating and allows fresh air to pass through. This provides great comfort and does not weigh heavy. As it is a kid’s backpack you should not load them over 4 kg.

Gift your son or grandson with this wonderful backpack for his schooling. You can also go through different models of best kids backpacks from our blog.

For Middle school

Middle school backpacks are specially designed for young players as they need to cram a lot of gaming equipment. These model backpacks are quite spacious and roomy, and so you won’t feel bulky to wear. These backpacks also make it easy for the students to stay organized.

Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack is the best for middle schoolers. It is deep and sturdy enough to hold their special equipment. It is water resistant and can stand out to any weather. The speciality of this backpack is the Nike Quad Zip system. It offers easy access to your gears from all angles.

If you’re finding basketball backpacks for school for your child, then you can choose this backpack.

For High School

High school students are the teens who require some more extraordinary features for them to activate. Keeping that in mind, the producers have introduced lots of pockets in the bag to hold their valuables. It comes with a separate pouch to hold the balls needed for their play. These backpacks also come with charging port for their convenience. 

As the college students have to carry a laptop with them, these are designed with a laptop sleeve that fits a 15’inch laptop perfectly. This is one of the best types of basketball backpacks for high school. The most preferred high school backpack is the VBG VBIGER School Backpack Sports Basketball Backpack.

This high school backpack is provided with padded mesh back that is very comfortable to wear. The charging port in it allows you to charge your phone anywhere and at any time. The built-in headphone port is very convenient for you to listen music. Another speciality here is, this backpack is provided with a detachable net, so that you can keep your ball inside this pouch when needed and can be removed when not in use. Also it comes with the water resisting feature to protect your belongings inside.

If you’re in search of best waterproof basketball backpack then this is a great option for you and to the high school boys

For college

Backpacks for high school and college are quite similar. There are only minor differences in both types of backpacks. It comes with some more exclusive features to make it great and attractive. Here the features include pen holder, glass holder, cell phone pockets, and a separate laptop compartment that fits up to 15.6″ inch laptop. This model is ideal for youth.

Cafele Laptop Sports Backpack

Cafele Laptop sports backpack is a multi-purpose backpack that contains multiple compartments in it.

It features with a separate laptop compartment in the front that is completely protected with water-resistant fabric. So you can stow away your laptop into it without worrying. It also contains plenty of small pockets and holders to secure your pen, keys, wallet, books, bottles, etc.

If you’re in need of college backpack then go with this. We have also given a list of top 10 best waterproof backpacks for college. You can also go through it.

For adults

Here the backpack comes with another additional feature that is more secure. These are designed like an Anti-theft backpack that protects your belongings from strangers. It comes with TSA friendly locks. So you can stow any of your valuables inside without worrying. One best example with Anti-theft design is the Kolako Travel backpack.

This backpack is similar to the anti-theft backpack that comes with locks. This feature takes it to the next level. This Kolako is made with durable zippers that have password locks. So it can be used for any purposes. It also includes two buckles under the bag to fix your tennis racket, tripods at the bottom. This basketball backpack is perfect for many occasions say work, college, travel, sports, camping, and other outdoor activities. This fashion sports backpack is ideal for both women and men.

For Travel

There are a variety of backpacks available in the market that matches your travel trips. Most of them go for lightweight backpacks that are comfortable and weightless to their shoulders.

Basketball backpacks for travel are also designed in such a way that suits all your basic needs. The interior is cavernous to hold your sports accessories. You can load your essentials without any worrying. It is weather resistant and so you can use it in any situations. These backpacks are ultra-durable and constructed for rugged use. Here is one best model for basketball travel backpack.

Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

Wilson Evolution is the mostly preferred basketball backpacks nowadays. It has a large main compartment with draw string closure to hold your shoes and basketball. This bag is also featured with side pockets for your headphones and a Thermo guard pocket to hold your water bottle. It also comes with computer sleeve with water resisting feature. So you can throw away your laptop or other electronic gadgets into it with any fear. The highlighting of this is the separate storage compartment, which is located at the bottom to store your wet items. To view more products, go through our reviews on best waterproof backpacks for travel.

Best Basketball duffel bags

Duffel bags are large cylindrical bags having a top closure. These are generally made out of synthetic fabric that is sturdy enough to carry heavy weight. Duffel bags are used by the military personnel who have to cram large weapons. Nowadays duffel bags come with new models to carry bulky objects. Similar way basketball backpacks are also a robust piece adaptable to carry your sports gears. These bags are held with handles to tote. These are specially designed for the players to carry their sports equipment. It is also called as Gym Bag.

Basketball duffel bags are also available separately for all age group people. Here are few basketball duffel bags that are best for their ages. Duffel bags used by sailors or for fishing are called Sea Bags.

For kids

The best Basketball duffel bags for kids is the Sportsbag Little Tree Fawn from Lassig. 

It has a large main compartment to store their gears. It is also featured with a separate compartment to hold your shoes. It comes with a handle for comfortable grip. It is also attached with a shoulder strap so that you can wear it across your shoulders. The Lassig Sportsbag also includes some additional net pockets for easy accessing to your kids.

If you’re looking for a duffel bag for your little one, then Lassig is the right option for you.

For Team

Our Favorite – Molten Basketball Bag

Molten Bag is the best for team players. It weighs just 1.6 pounds but has the capacity to hold up to 6 basketballs. It is flexible and sturdy enough to hold sports equipments. It fits not only the 6 basket balls but also provides space to other items.

The one drawback here is, it doesn’t have handles for hand carrying. It is built with adjustable shoulder straps so that you can wear it across your body at any cost.

This Molten duffel bag is perfect for both players and the coach.

For Gym

Best Pick – Nike Hoops Elite Duffel Gym Bag

Nike Hoops is an USA made duffel bag that is highly reliable. It is completely made out of durable polyester and tarpaulin that keeps your gears safe and dry.

The oversized main compartment is also featured with a wet/dry separator and a ventilated shoe rack to keep your dirty shoes and clothes.

This bag is sturdy enough to hold your gym accessories and is also provided with cooler pockets to store your energy drinks. These pockets keep your drinks cool and fresh for long hours.

If you’re searching for a gym bag then you can grab this with confidence.  

For Travelling

Editor’s choice: Kwik Tek Dry Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag

Kwik Tek Dry Pak is a nylon/polyester made duffel bag with waterproofing feature. It is a heavy duty backpack that is perfect for travel. These bags are mostly preferred by sailors for fishing or boating. This is completely water resistant and so it does not allow any drop of water to enter into the bag. If you’re going on a trip to the river side then this pack is definitely a right choice to you.

Love to view more other products of duffel bag? Then you can check our best waterproof duffel bags article.

Important Qualities to check in a Basketball Backpack

Once you’ve got a clear idea in choosing the basketball backpack, make sure that the backpack possesses the following factors.

Each backpack will have its own characteristics and also differ in each category. Ask the following question to yourself so that you can be confident in choosing the best basketball backpacks that you require.

  • What stuff are you going to carry in your backpacks?
  • Do you need your basketball to be held in a separate compartment?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long you wish your basketball backpack to last?

Storage Space

Usually, backpacks are designed with a large main compartment that is capable of holding apparel, basketball; personal items, etc. Most of them are designed with deep storage space to hold multiple items.

Few backpacks will have a dry and wet compartment in which you can store your clean and dirty stuff separately.  This storage space makes the bag a popular and versatile one.

So choose the backpack that is easier for loading and unloading all your essentials. Also, ensure whether your stuff would be secure and safe inside the backpack for reliable use.


Basketball backpacks come with shoulder straps so that there is no chance for you to feel the weight in your back as the weight is getting distributed evenly. They are designed with padding for the comfortable and right fit. Some basketball backpacks also come with sternum straps for even weight distribution.

Another important thing you need to look in is the back panel. It comes with padding for cushion comfort. These are developed with mesh ventilation to reduce sweating on your back.

It is great if you choose backpacks with soft padded back support.

Multiple Uses

It’s good if your basketball backpacks are used for different uses and for holding multiple things so that you can use them as portable bags, luggage bags, hiking bags, school/college backpacks and much more.

If you’re choosing a backpack for basketball alone then you make sure you have separate padded ball compartment for holding the ball so that it remains safe without any damage.


Most of the basketball backpack is developed using top-notch quality fabric materials like nylon, polyester, etc. These materials stand out for an extended period even after harsh usage.

Always choose a product with more reliability and durability. High durability indicates the product has more reliability. Make sure the fabric is good enough and check whether they are able to withstand any climatic or other changes.

Make sure you have the following features in your basketball backpack for the powerful experience.

Additional features

Some of the backpacks are designed for both sports and school; these types include different organizational pockets to hold different items separately for the easy picking. In some cases, they also come with protective sleeves for tablets, laptops, etc.

It is good to choose products that have extra features. So you can use it multiple purpose.

Water Resistance

Players always need to take their basketball backpacks for both indoor and outdoor use. So choosing the backpack that is weather resistant is very important. There are high chances of spilling liquids in your backpack. The water resisting feature will help you in that case and prevents other materials from damage.

The Brand

Choosing the right brand is important; all manufacturers won’t produce quality products so make sure you are picking the basketball backpack from the right brand for enjoying the complete benefits of the product. The above brands we have listed all are reputed ones so that you can choose them without any hesitation.

Price & Warranty

High-quality products will always be expensive. So choose the products that fall under your budget.

It’s important to get products from the manufacturer who offers a warranty for their backpack. So that you can get them without any hesitation as you will be assured of safety.

Bottom Line

Decided the right basketball backpack for reliable use? Then why still waiting for? Go grab them soon from the above links.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on the basketball backpack are welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best basketball backpacks for players?

The Under Armour Undeniable backpack is the great choice because the quality of the material feels great. The backpack is large enough to hold a youth basketball, shoes, and clothes. It is relatively inexpensive but a very good-looking way to bring a basketball to your practice.

What are the features of Bagland basketball backpack?

This backpack is well-designed with a nice touch. The multiple pockets allow you to store iPad, travel documents, laptop, and the water-resistant quality makes none of your valuables get wet. You have a lot of space left in the main compartment so no need to cram your stuff anymore.

What the advantages of basketball backpacks Nike?

It has a separated compartment for placing your clothes and there are side pockets to hold two bottles of water each. The material is very durable and the straps are wide that do not cut into shoulders. It makes you comfortable to wear and allows accessing your gear from all angles.

Name the best backpack for sports?

The Adidas Defender II Duffel bag is one of the durable gym bags that are shaped to hold large and bulky equipment with ease. The padded shoulder strap feels nice and soft also the main pocket has a laptop sleeve that fits most 15-inch laptops.


  1. My son loves playing basketball. He used to go for practice every evening. The basketball backpack, he takes with him was torn and did not work for long. So could you recommend me the best and high-quality backpack for my son?

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