Choose Backpacks Student Scholarships 2017

Our website, Choose Backpacks offers their readers instant news about recent backpacks and highlights their different aspects, characteristics & top brands providing them in an unique way. We have had huge success ever since we began and we decided to share this success with students like you.

A Sample Review from us: A Review on Travel Backpack

Our team from choose backpack has arranged this “Eventual Backpack Scholarship Program” for helping out the students who are struggling to enroll their studies and to achieve their mission. We believe a small amount achieved in the name of this scholarship will help you sustain your progress towards your aim.

Having that in mind, we decided to keep the rules of this scholarship program easy & simple.

Who can participate?

  1. Anyone who is pursuing his education in a college or university. We require that you are at least 18 years old to participate in this program. If you are below 18 years old, make sure to get the concern of your parents/legal guardian.
  2.  Some one who enjoys college life and is creative/innovative.

What should you do to participate in our scholarship program?

You need to write an essay of 500 to 1000 words on the topic “What Aspects Do You Look For When Choosing A Backpack For College?

You Essay Must be,

  • Original
  • Creative

You need to mention

  1. your name
  2. address
  3. phone number
  4. standard or course you study
  5. the institution in which you are studying.

You can submit your application in the PDF or Word format on or before Feb 28, 2017 to


What is The Price Award?

If you are selected as the winner, you will be awarded $1000. The prize amount will be only sent to the educational institution which you are studying after March 5, 2017.

The way of Judging

It is with your writing style, the way of presenting, how unique and innovative you are and based on the creativity of the topic. The winning participants will be announced on March 2, 2017. The top 3 articles will be posted in our blog with participant names.

Our Terms & Conditions:

  • Choose Backpacks will  not ask for any application fees for joining the Eventual Backpack scholarship program
  • Only complete applications are considered as a participant in this program.
  • If your application is not satisfying any of our conditions, we have the rights to decline your applications.
  • Only Submissions in the English Language is allowed.